Malicious software or "ransomware", called “WannaCry”, has been used in a massive hacking attack, affecting tens of thousands of computers worldwide. This ransomware worm has infected about 57,000 computer systems in 100 countries since Friday. Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan are on the top targets.


It targets Microsoft's widely used Windows operating system. Once infected, a pop-up window appears with instructions on how to pay a ransom amount of $300, in virtual currency Bitcoin. Otherwise, they will lock the files on the targeted computer.


How to avoid ransomware attacks:

  • Backup your important files at once with your USB flash disk, mobile hard disk drive, or network disk.
  • Close port 135, 445 and wifi sharing ports. Tips on how to close ports are below
  • Microsoft has released security updated to avoid the Ransomware, you can click following website to install the update: .As for the PCs with Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003, you can update your security protection by clicking this website:
  • You should close the vulnerable ports and network sharing ports immediately. Do not open any suspicious files or websites.
  • If you've been attacked, do not pay the ransom, you have no idea whether the hacker would help you to return your files.
  • Make sure your Windows is upgraded, so open the Windows Update to keep up with every upcoming update.


Tips on how to close ports “135”, “445”

    1. Launch Windows Firewall Advanced Wizard



    2. Enter Inbound Rules and set New Rule



   3. Note down ports “135, 445” with lowercase letters




    4. Block connect



   5. Name in another way




Trend Micro Labs has detected the variants used in this attack as  RANSOM_WANA.Aand RANSOM_WCRY.ITrend Micro Deep Security™ and Vulnerability ProtectionDeep Discovery™ Inspector and TippingPoint protects users against this threat.


Click here to see Trend Micro Solution:


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Massive Ransomware Hits Computers in 100 Countries and How to Avoid BitCoin WannaCrypt Attacks
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