Malware attacks hit Apple’s Mac increased by 744% in 2016. Recently, Malware Research team from CheckPoint has discovered a new fully-undetectable Mac malware.


According to the team, this malware, Dubbed DOK, affects all versions of Mac OS X, is being distributed via a coordinated email phishing campaign, to intercept and gain complete access to all victim communication, including SSL encrypted traffic. Once infected, users can’t but update the operating system. Then, the malware gains administrator privileges on the victim's machine and changes the victim system's network settings, allowing all outgoing connections to pass through a proxy.



This malware is distributed via a phishing email masquerading as a message regarding supposed inconsistencies in their tax returns, tricking the victims into running an attached malicious .zip file, which contains the malware.


Since the malware author is using a valid developer certificate signed by Apple, the malware easily bypasses Gatekeeper -- an inbuilt security feature of the macOS operating system by Apple. Interestingly, the DOK malware is also undetectable in almost all antivirus products.


Your Mac Needs Antivirus Software


Many Mac users are quite sure that Mac needs no antivirus software. While Mac operating system — macOS — is less likely to be infected by a virus or malware, Macs are not infallible.


Just like the malware mentioned above, it is undetectable by Apple for its legal license as a software. Thus, a reliable antivirus for Mac can be a good starting point. It can help Mac users do a virus scan and spyware check, so as to solve all concerns above.


Today, we recommend you a reliable Mac antivirus software – Trend Micro Antivirus.


Trend Micro Antivirus, on a regular basis to keep your Mac safe. It cleans virus completely for the security of your system and privacy, and as a bonus, protect your Mac from adware and browser Hijackers.


This software provides protection features, including

1. Real Time Scan
Provides real time protection against threats.
2. Virus Scan
Quickly scan virus to safeguard your Mac
3. Virus Clean(In-App Purchase required)
Clean virus completely for the security of your system and privacy
4. Adware Cleaner
Protect your Mac from adware and browser Hijackers
5. Privacy Cleaner
Customize your transparency. You can even be invisible without leaving any trace in web browser
6. Safe Search
Flags each search result in Google Search Engine to let you know if the site is safe or unsafe
7. Web Threat Protection
Prevents users from visiting phishing websites.


To stay away from such information leaked issues, please try and must have a try of Trend Micro Antivirus – real-time scan, virus scan and adware cleaner. It brings you safety all the time. This is not an ad saying, but what users speak.



New macOS Malware Warns You an Antivirus Software
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