Too many duplicate photos and videos stored in your Mac may be a problem, here is a perfect way to deal with it, that is Dr. Duplicate.

Dr. Duplicate


Do you like taking photos around when you are out for a trip? Do you like videoing something that is truly amazing? Do you worry about your storage? Do you want to delete duplicate photos and videos in your iPhone and Mac? Do you want to transfer them from iPhone to Mac and vice versa?If all the answers are yes, you may need this Dr. Duplicate to help you in managing duplicate photos and videos in your iPhone and Mac.

 Find more duplicates, free up more space

Once open Dr. Duplicate, it will scan your Photos automatically, and show duplicate photos and videos on your mac quickly, you can view and edit these duplicate photos. For those unnecessary duplicates, you can delete them at once so that the storage is saved. Just shown as the following picture, it is simple and quick.

Dr. Duplicate

Convenient to Find Duplicates in Photos

You can find duplicate photos from Photos, when duplicate photos are found, Dr. Duplicate will put them under new folder on Photos, thus the management of these photos can be really easy. Shown as follow, open Photos first and then click the album of Dr. Duplicate-Dup Photos, then you will find more duplicates here.

Dr. Duplicate

Co-work with iPhone – More duplicates

Dr. Duplicate can also scan duplicates between iPhone and Mac, when you connect with Dr. Duplicate for iPhone, it will find all duplicate photos and videos, and you can delete them. This is another way to save space on both iPhone and Mac. You cannot miss it.

Dr. Duplicate Easy Transfer between Mac and iPhone

You can share photos from Mac to your iPhone by Dr. Duplicate, do remember to keep your iPhone and Mac over the same Wi-Fi. Here is the steps:

  1. Open Photos on your Mac
  2. Choose several photos which you want to transfer to iPhone
  3. Secondary click, find Share->Send to iPhone
  4. Transfer success

Dr. Duplicate Simple status bar

Real-time monitor duplicate photos between iPhone and Mac, you can open Dr. Duplicate from status bar directly. Here you can monitor the connect status with iPhone, also find local duplicate photos on your Mac.

Dr. Duplicate


If these features are really helpful for you, you can click the download link to install it.

Dr. Duplicate



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