Dr. Antivirus
by Trend Micro

Keep your digital life safe

Dr. Antivirus is one of the most effective antivirus Apps in App Store.
With a newly-added feature, It protects your Mac from
adwares and browser Hijackers.

Adware, Malware &
Virus remover

Antivirus app for system and internet security.
Dr. Antivirus prevents virus from infecting

your Mac. Trend Micro’s antivrius and spyware active
-monitoring laboratory is the largest of its kind
in the world.
with Dr. Antivirus, you can enjoy your digital life safely.


Make sure your Mac is safe and secure using
Dr. Antivirus’s protection features

Quick Scan

Scan your work and frequently used folders

Quickly scan virus to safeguard your Mac

Full Scan

Scan all files and folders on your? Mac

Provide deep scan for virus and malware

Custom Scan

Choose which drives and folders you wish to scan

Keep your Mac fast, efficient and individual

Real-Time Scan

Each time a file is received, opened, downloaded, copied, or modified, real-time scan scans the file for security risks.

Dr. Antivirus protects your Mac from threats concerned with the security of Mac system and your privacy.

Adware Cleaner

Adware cleaner removes harmful adwares, stops pop-up scams from adware malware and clears browser extensions that hijack your navigation.

We highly recommend that you scan your Mac using Dr. Antivirus on a regular basis to keep your Mac safe from security threats.

Virus Scan

One of the main concerns for modern computer users is the risk of infection from virus, malware, Trojans, and other forms of malicious code.

Dr. Antivirus can provide free and full scan for virus, detect and remove malware, so as to prevent potential risks.

Our users speak volumes about us

It's truly AWESOME that companies like Trendmicro create software that we can use to protect our systems, our employees, and our client's data. And they provide it for free (even if some add-on features are paid for)! But basic protection from jerks makes me love this company and want to support their products.
I just used this app for the first time and it seems to be efficient and fast even on a full scan. I am new to mac computers and didn't realize I needed a virus scanner. I went by all the great reviews this app has gotten and I figure at 146 five star ratings this app has to be pretty good and plus it is free.
I got this app after watching a seminar at work that was about internet security and petential identity theft, so I came home and found this app, downloaded it, then it found some adware. Thank you for making this app, I have it and some of it's other little side apps and freed up a bunch stuff on my computer.


Dr. Antivirus

Keep your digital life safe