Your Mac have so many photos & videos, but do you know your Mac have so many duplicate
photos & videos, they are everywhere. Dr.Duplicate will help you clean your
photos & videos, also sync photos between iPhone and Mac!


Transfer – So easy

You can share photos from Mac to your iPhone by Dr. Duplicte, keep your
iPhone and Mac over the same Wi-Fi


  • icon? Open photos on your Mac

  • icon? Choose several photos which you want to transfer to iPhone

  • icon? Secondary click, find Share -> Send to iPhone

  • icon? Transfer success

Simple status bar

Real-time monitor duplicate photos between
iPhone and Mac, you can open Dr. Duplicate
from status bar directly. Here you can monitor
the connect status with iPhone, also find local
duplicate photos on your Mac.



Application steps

  • 1. Mac App Store and the iPhone App Store to download
    the above are the same version of Mac version and the
    iPhone version of the Dr. Duplicate.

  • 2. Make sure iPhone, iPad and Mac are in a same Wi-Fi.

  • 3. Then open Dr. Duplicate for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  • 4. Clean the duplicate photos & videos on iPhone, iPad
    and Mac, and transfer photos from your phone to your
    computer to achieve faster backup photos from Mac to
    transfer photos to your phone, clean video phone.

Our users speak volumes about us

My Mac have about 6000+ photos, so amazing, Dr. Duplicate help me find a lot of duplicate
photos which I do never know, and I delete them directly, help me free up
more space. Thanks a lot. Hope you update more functions

?? Bancroft

Dr. Duplicate

Dr.? Duplicate

Find more duplicates, free up more space