Dr. Cleaner TM for iOS
by Trend Micro

Clean up 2G of storage without deleting any files.

Millions of fans give us 5-star rating. We are determined to do the best.

Without deleting any files
Free up your space

Dr. Cleaner boosts your iPhone’s or iPad’s performance.
After you scan your iPhone or iPad using Dr. Cleaner,
it deletes junk files and temporary files in iOS, frees up
memory, and clears unwanted cache items.

Photos Clean

Fast cleanup of similar photos and big videos to save space on your phone.

Increases your available iPhone or iPad storage space and boosts your device’s performance to run faster.

Our users speak volumes about us

Most of the programs in this category seem to crash. I have tried 8 to 10 programs on the App Store and deleted all but this one. This is the most stable and safe of the applications so far available.
Touch of Good Humor
Love this thing! Hard to find something for iPad that is what you wanted to do, free up some space easily identify the two photos. On my Indispensable list.
Within a minute or two I had everything done. I like it better than the other Apps I’ve tried on this.
Abba’s Heart

Dr. Cleaner for iOS

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