Disk, Memory Clean, Uninstall Apps and
Monitor CPU / Network Usage

Dr.Cleaner is the ONLY all-in-one Free App that offers?Memory Optimization, Disk Cleaning and System?Monitoring to keep your Mac optimized for the best performance.

With a brand new user interface, Dr.Cleaner provides an easy-to-use way to optimise
the performance of your Mac! Also, with Dr.Cleaner, you can easily view
real-time network usage and CPU usage in the menu bar.


Junk Files Cleaner

  • Quick disk clean from status bar menu
  • Clean temporary files, incl. logs, mail caches, iTunes and
    IOS temporary files, etc.Empty Trash for current user
  • Clever detection of remaining files after deleting Apps
  • Clean trash in removable storage

Smart Memory Optimizer

  • 1-click memory optimization
  • Instantly reclaim memory from closed Apps
  • Identify Apps that use a significant amount of memory


big_file_icon copy

Big Files Scanner

  • 1-click scan of big files (customizable size from 10
    MB and above)
  • Multiple filters of size, date, name and type
  • Local files in sync with your cloud drives can also
    be found
  • Protected files* will not be deleted [* Important big
    files can be “locked” into the protected list to avoid
    false deletion]

Users Comments and Reviews

This app is great. I’ve been around Mac for a while now and there was never really a cleaning app that did everything I wanted it to do. This app checks every little crevice on your drive to show you want you can get rid of.

This is probably the handiest app I have found for my MacBook Pro. Automatically or with the click of the mouse, I can easily trim “fat” off the RAM that is not being used, and release the residual memory that was being used by other programs.

I downloaded this recently after one of the Wall Street Journal technology editors recommended it. I was just as immediately impressed. Dr. Cleaner is simple to use, functions flawlessly and quickly identifies and rectifies issues.



Dr.  Cleaner

#1 Mac Optimization App