Apple Introduced a new video editing app Clips for iPhone and iPad on April 6. The week after its debut,  this new social video editing app Clip sa new iOS app that lets you easily make fun, shareable videos. Coming soon

In its first four days on the market, Apple’s new social video editing app Clips reached between 500,000 and a million downloads, said by App Store Analytics firm App Annie. The time after its release, Clips made its way to Top 30 in the U.S. app store with Apple’s promotion in iTunes.

Although Apple gives heavy press explosion and favored position for Clips in the App Store, it hasn’t yet broken into the Top 20 apps by ranking. The reason for this phenomenon is hard to know. But, we can take a guess that another similar editing app–Instagram is too popular in many countries. Despite that Clips is focused on video and Instagram is for photos, these two both apps are broadly about editing media for the purpose of social sharing.

For Apple, it’s a way of showcasing the company’s focus on camera hardware and editing software, while potentially breaking users out of existing social ecosystems, in favor of its proprietary offerings.


I tried few times with Clips. To be honest, Clips does well in offering a super simple way to pull together videos and images into a single cohesive package. In the package, Clips provides a sort of supplementary stickers and emojis. Besides, kinds of texts are offered, which is easy to use. The following is what I’ve tried with Clips.



But as for video editing, it fails to give me a good user experience. The app seems to appeal to those who are already familiar with video editing, and find Clips to be a less bloated alternative to iMovie for iOS. But those with less experience complained the app doesn’t feel that intuitive or has poor navigational elements, among other things.